CES 2018

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Tyll Hertsens  |  Jan 18, 2018  |  25 comments
No surprise, with numerous successful studio tweaks under their belt, recording professionals started asking if they could do similar things for studio headphones. They started looking into it...no surprise, they found out it was a lot harder than they expected. When I told them I felt EQing headphones was at least four times harder than EQing speakers they both nodded their heads in agreement. None the less, they persisted.
Tyll Hertsens  |  Jan 16, 2018  |  8 comments
Well, they've gone back to the drawing board and come up with something pretty novel...more expensive, but quite interesting. The new 1More Triple Driver Over-Ear headphone ($249) uses a 40mm graphene dynamic driver and a passive radiator for the lower frequency response ranges, and a ceramic tweeter for the highs. Quite an unusual combination.
Tyll Hertsens  |  Jan 18, 2018  |  3 comments
It's inspiring to see a company who builds expensive headphones to also continue to focus on lowering the cost to the consumer. The new iSINE LX still has the Fluxor magnets, Uniforce diaphragm circuit, Fazor acoustic impedance matching plug, and Cipher DAC/Amp cable...it's $150 less expensive than the iSINE 10. Thanks Audeze!
Tyll Hertsens  |  Jan 16, 2018  |  3 comments
Oh...my turn. Ahhhhh...they fit nicely. I plug them into my AK240 and play some tunes. Well, other than the fact that the CES show floor is crazy loud they sound pretty damned good. No one in the convention center booth knew much about them, but they told me there was another pair over at the Venetian and someone there may know more. So, I visited the Audio Technica Venetian room display the next day.
Tyll Hertsens  |  Jan 17, 2018  |  11 comments
Like most manufacturers, I find Beyerdynamic's more expensive offerings a bit hit and miss; but unlike most manufacturers I'm pretty consistently impressed by Beyerdynamic's lower cost products. Check out my reviews of the $59 DTX 350 m and now discontinued DT 235. Both really good values.
Tyll Hertsens  |  Jan 15, 2018  |  0 comments
Echobox seems to be doing well. I remember when Warren Chi drug me over to their 10 foot booth at CES in 2015. This year they showed up in the center of the floor in a big open 50 footer with lots of cheerful faces showing off the gear.
Tyll Hertsens  |  Jan 12, 2018  |  8 comments
CES is a little weird this year. High End companies have been abandoning the Venetian Tower with...abandon. Stereophile has sent a skeleton crew. Back channel chat was that CES was dead to the high end world as companies shifted to specialty shows. High End Munich seems to be the new de facto standard to be for enthusiast audio companies desiring to play the "world class" game. Headphones are another story.
Tyll Hertsens  |  Jan 17, 2018  |  1 comments
I was a big fan of the MEE Audio's Matrix 2 affordable Bluetooth headphones of a few years ago...the Matrix 3 not so much. Sounds to me like they're coming back smart and centered with their latest and upcoming releases. For this post I'll feature their new $149 Matrix Cinema Bluetooth sealed over-ear headphone.
Tyll Hertsens  |  Jan 15, 2018  |  2 comments
The thing that really caught my eye in the Snugs booth was their new method for measuring ears for their shallow insert products. Normally, you send ear molds or files from impressions or measurements taken by audiologists, and Snugs does use this method. But their new method uses a phone app.
Tyll Hertsens  |  Jan 23, 2018  |  15 comments
It was great to see no vestige remaining at CES of the celebrity headphone era. It was reassuring to see headphone makers selling product based on performance...or at least claims of performance. Marketing folks will be marketing folks. One might be tempted to think the world of headphones is going to return to normal...if there was such a thing. Unfortunately, I think this year's CES was just a little calm before the storm.

The cable is being cut.

Tyll Hertsens  |  Jan 14, 2018  |  8 comments
Better start here...it's where I started the show...I'm sure you are curious too.

The Sennheiser HD 820 is a sealed headphone based on the now famous HD 800. The remarkable thing about these headphones is the toroidally shaped diaphragm, which, Sennheiser claims, produce a more planar wavefront to interact with the ear more naturally. A dynamic headphone with a planar headphone's acoustic, if you will.